About us


ALMAZINTECH`s partners and clients are geological and mining companies, scientific research and design institutes, manufacturers of geological, mining and processing equipment:


OAO ALROSA-Niurba Company

Consulting company SOGRA

ZAO UralAlmaz Company

OAO SeverAlmaz Company

Catoca Mining Company ( Angola )

Foundation of Friendship with Republic of Angola

Design and production company BUREVESTNIK

Research and design institute OAO NIIKhimMash

Research and design institute InterGeoProyekt

Research and design institute OAO VNIIZarubezhGeologia

Federal state-owned company GeologoRazvedka

Federal state-owned design and production company AeroGeoFizika

Precious metals and stones scientific research institute OAO IRGIREMENT

Mining equipment company RosGorMash

Sandvik Tamrock Corp.

InPart Investment AG

Moscow Steel and Alloys Institute

ZAO Interdeportmental Commission on Blasting Works

and other.


ALMAZINTECH was founded in May, 2002.

ALMAZINTECH is proud to have highly qualified specialists with vast experience of geological prospecting and exploration, mining operations, production and processing. They worked in different parts of Russia and in Africa: Angola , Namibia , RAS and other countries. Company`s engineers conducted all types of geological work, developed primary and placer diamond deposits, carried out diamond processing plants project design, carried out diamond processing plants project design, construction and operations, did diamond evaluation and processing.

ALMAZINTECH is young but has skilled staff with extensive experience of work in diamond industry in Russia and other countries. Company`s engineers worked together with local workers to create mining companies and facilities from the scratch abroad. This experience may be special interest to our partners and clients.

ALMAZINTECH was registered by the Central State Precious Metals and Stones Inspection of the Russian Federation and has certificate No 25953 issued on February 12,2003, authorizing the use of precious metals and stones for the purposes of scientific research and project design activities.


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