-prospecting and exploration project design;

-implementation of geological and geophysical programs to discover and evaluate mineral prospects;

-geological prospecting and exploration program appraisal;

-implementation of existing geological prospecting and exploration project;

- monitoring of prospecting and exploration project implementation methods and operator activities






-analytical research on most recent industry developments in Russia and abroad;

-market studies, equipment selection and matching;

-selection of geological, mining and processing equipment


-technology, financial, environmental and social expert reviews of mineral mining and processing project, elaboration of recommendations;

-project optimization for long-term life cycles:

-production, processing and sales risks analysis;

-professional training programming and management;

-selection of skilled personnel for various project.


The Company takes on contracts on technical audit and complex evaluation of the activities of geological and diamond and gold mining companies in Russia and in other countries. Another venue of work is scientific research and project design.




-selection of deposit development methods and techniques;

-mining project design;

-deposit development operator`s functions;

-environment impact assessment.


-selection of processing techniques and technologies;


-monitoring of technologies and methods of project implementation;

-monitoring of pilot and production facilities test, analysis of process layout;

-detection of assembly unit , system and processing line failure causes, elaboration of failure elimination programs;

-personnel training consulting.



-equipment configuration;

-technological and methodical project supervision.













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